Having completed Three Kings, the first part of the Zero Point campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu by Sarah Newton, we launch into the second part, Heroes of the Sea. The year is 1940 and the Phony War is over! Poland has been invaded and now it is the turn of the Low Countries and France. The British Expeditionary Force has been sent to thwart the German invasion, but neither it nor its allied French and Belgian forces can withstand the speed, daring, and technological advantages of the German’s blitzkrieg. By May 1940, allied forces have been pushed back into a tiny pocket in northern France and London has had no choice but to launch Operation Dynamo—evacuate the troops!

Yet even as the allied armies are preparing to withdraw, Section D of British Intelligence has been alerted by Agent WOTAN of a bigger threat. Our intrepid agents have managed to cross northern France and back again to locate Agent WOTAN, learn her secrets, and even hijack a Uboat from the harbour of Nieuport. Having found themselves somewhere ‘Maglemosian’, a strange land of cavemen and Nazi ‘Dream Troopers’, the investigators have struck at the Nazi HQ and set it smouldering, learning yet more hints of where they are and exactly what the ‘Sea Witch’ is planning. What will the investigators discover when they attend a terrible ceremony? Will Agent Anton reveal his suspicions as to where they are? And will Flying Officer Astor ever realise that he is not in Norfolk?
As ever, Dave L is estimable GM and our players are…

Stef – Flying Officer Alexander ‘Ace’ Astor (commanding officer)
NPC – Sergeant Smith (second in command)
Mog – Corporal Anwyll Evans (mechanic)
Louise – Private Stanley Cribbens (demolitions)
Rob – Private James McTavish (scout/sniper)
Helen – Annette deVries (agent)
Pookie – Anton (agent)

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