In episode 1 of Three Kings, our intrepid sextet of spies have been sent by London to make contact with the Resistance in Czechoslovakia on the eve of war. Word has come of strange goings on in Castle Karlstein and London wishes to determine what the Nazis are using the castle for.

Landing southwest of Krupna, the agents saw that occupying Germans were rounding up villagers. With the Germans distracted, they slipped into the village and dispatched the soldiers, Agent Anton and Corporal Evans dealing with two, Sapper Cribbens three, Sergeant shooting one, and Private McTavish shooting the officer. Lastly, Pilot Officer Astor leapt into the cab of the Opel Blitz lorry and ran the last one down as he shouted, “Nein! Nein, kamerade!”

Fortunately, among those being rounded were members of the Resistance, including the local cell leader, Viktor. He was able to lead the agents into the woods, their driving the lorry and the Kubelwagen to where the Resistance had a small camp. It was here that they learned of the current state of affairs.

In this episode, the Nazis strike back, there is a discussion as to Agent Anton’s surname, and Sapper Cribbens starts a wrist watch collection…

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