RPGMP3 hosts over media that has been collected over the years. This includes interviews with industry luminaries, radio plays and skits and music, songs and filk. We also have individual links to specific contributor groups if you really, really love a group and want to follow everything they do (you little stalker).

Various contributors, notably BigJackBrass, have stalked celebrities at shows with mics and interviewed them over the years. Why not listen to what they said?

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Specific podcast feeds for all the RPGMP3 contributor groups so you can add them to iTunes or another podcatcher and follow whomever you like the best

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RPGMP3 collects historic and interesting pieces of gaming audio. This includes a number of game-related radio plays and skits.

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Gaming-related songs and filk hosted for folks of the internet or produced by some of our amazing users. Feel free to make some more for us if you can sing.

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