“Not tonight, not the next night. but the night after that I want you to sneak into my daddy’s mansion and … kidnap me.”

After a botched abduction, our heroes find themselves in the Schaeffer mansion in the company of herr Ortwin Schaeffer, a nobleman and a priest of Sigmar. Grimm and Father Dietmar decide to go to the cellar to check on fraulein Klara and then chaos ensues.

Balgin – the GM
Drakol – Gillian, Elven Wizard’s Apprentice
Jonny – Grimm Grimmson – Dwarven Apprentice Runesmith
Marius – Sartan, Tilean Thug (who claims to be a former mercenary)

There’s also a brief interjection at one point by Michael Pigoni who was listening in but too ill to play so if you’re wondering who the mystery voice was around the 50 minute mark then that would be him.

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