“Not tonight, not the next night. but the night after that I want you to sneak into my daddy’s mansion and … kidnap me.” It is with these words that Klara Schaeffer, daughter of a local tax collector, hires a group of down and outs to help her impress a young nobleman who will be visiting.

Of course, he will be visiting at the time. He comes once a month at the time of the full moon and she’ll be down in the cellar locked “in a big metal box.”….. How could this possibly go wrong?

Balgin – the GM
Drakol – Gillian, Elven Wizard’s Apprentice
Jonny – Grimm Grimmson – Dwarven Apprentice Runesmith
Marius – Sartan, Tilean Thug (who claims to be a former mercenary)

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