Almost as soon as it was recorded, Play from Ponape brings you the second part of our recording of a short adventure for Monte Cook’s Origins award winning Numenera RPG—Vortex. It includes a quick rules recap in which our illustrious GM, Dave goes over some finer points that we missed last time. Which means that this time, he gets to ‘Intrude’ and we get to earn XP!

As ever, Dave is our GM. The cast is as follows…

Louise: Maves, a Strong Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel
Mog: Gaulen, a Tough Nano who Controls Gravity
Pookie: Huongsem, a Mechanical Nano who Talks to Machines

Gasp as we perform acts of stealth worthy of a house brick, be amazed at our questionable acts of barbarity, and thrill as we deliver shock and awe right in the “Oooo that stings a bit missus!” in an all new episode that can only be described as ‘Carry on up the Numenera!’


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