Whilst we await to complete Achtung! Cthulhu : Three Kings, Play from Ponape brings you a recording of a short adventure for Monte Cook’s Origins award winning Numenera RPG—of which you can read a review here. This is of the short demonstration scenario, Vortex, and is our very first play of the game—hence we miss the opportunity for the GM to intrude on our adventure and give us the chance to earn XP! (We will do better in the next adventure. We promise).

As ever, Dave is our GM. The cast is as follows…

Louise: Maves, a Strong Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel
Mog: Gaulen, a Tough Nano who Controls Gravity
Pookie: Huongsem, a Mechanical Nano who Talks to Machines

Gasp as we sell their own vegetables back to the villagers, be amazed as we play tug of war with a crustacean, and thrill as a natural twenty is rolled!

Please enjoy

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