In the first part of our 2020 Halloween Special, a large group of villagers set out to investigate recent disappearances and save their children from an evil keep on the hills above town.

In this game, each player is portraying multiple level zero characters and it is expected that most will not survive.

Whitney as:
Angus, Caravan Guard
Hubbub, Halfling Habidasher
Kevin, Halfling Money Lender
Elenor, Elven Sage

Thing as:
Bruno Snorglagger, Halfling Chicken Butcher
Bingo Broadleaf, Gentleman Explorer, Halfling Vagrant
Ǽrendyl, Elven Artisan
Adelard Chubb, Halfling Chicken Butcher

Nick as:
Hattie, Halfling Habedasher
Scottie, Dwarven Apothecary
Woody, Wood Cutter
Starla, Guild Beggar

Hal as:
Sym Goatfondler, Radish Farmer, with Missy the Goat
Wanky Quickstroker, Halfling Glovemaker
“Stabs” McPokerson, Cutpurse
Twinkle Swankypants, Elven Barrister

Bill as the gamemaster

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