Welcome To Feylin’s Bulging Bag of Festive Fun and Fantasticness

A little bit of a late start this year due to life getting in the way and me not being able to find the time to post this. For those who do not know The Bulging Bag is RPGMP3’s Secret Santa event. And this year is the tenth time we have run it. It is a popular site pass time and allows us to all but guarantee that we get at least some nerd gifts each year.

If you want to be part of FBBoFFaF X then there are a few things you need to send me so I can sort you out and send you the details of your festive betrothed.

Please go over to the FBBoFFaF X Info Collection Form and fill it in to participate.

I need the following information

1. Your Site Username and Real Name (that way we are not scaring the postman or causing Homeland Security to get suspicious that we are using codenames or something).

2. Your full postal address (including country).

3. The country you are in (for sorting purposes)

4. Where are you willing to ship to? (own country, own continent, anywhere?)

Please complete the form before Thanksgiving (that’s the 22nd of November) to give people chance to shop and mail things.

Packages of joy should aim to arrive at their destinations no later than the Winter Solstice (that’s the 21st December) though earlier would be better. If you are having issues with the mailing or things are not going to plan let me know.

When you receive your box of happiness please post up on here or the Facebook Community so we can see who is getting things and we can check it off on the list. And of course, when you open it, post up here so we can see the awesome gifts you are all getting.

The traditional rules worked out well last time so we are sticking with those. I believe everyone was happy with their bundle of wonder so let’s keep things the same.

1. Gifts should cost about $30 (that’s about £23, or AU$42, or C$40, or ¥3405, or €28, or NZ$44). If I missed you out let me know and I will see what I can do!

2. The cost of the gift should be pre-postage, so think about the weight of what you are buying and where you have to mail it.

3. Once more – if you encounter any issues just let me know, or post up on here.

4. I am not setting any kind of theme for this but we are a gaming site so it should be pretty obvious the kind of things to pick up.

5. Feel free to post up a link to your Amazon Wishlist on the FBBoFFaF X Forum Thread.

6. When you open your little box of goodies we want a photo (or at the very least a text description) posted up on here so all can share in the wonder

7. In order to participate, you must have been a registered member of the forums at the time this post goes up (so we don’t have any naughty people joining in just for the pressies)



It was suggested that I add the Amazon and DriveThruRPG links up here so that what you are purchasing your gift, RPGMP3 gets a tiny little kick back

RPGMP3 Amazon Link

RPGMP3 DriveThruRPG Link

RPGMP3 Noble Knight Link (for those hard to find items)

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