Welcome to RPGMP3. We have been around for a long time and like a lot of sites like that, we have our own way of doing things that have become pretty ingrained. We realize that this may make the site pretty unapproachable for someone just stumbling over us in the dark places of the web so we thought a nice little post about where to start and what you can expect might be prudent.

RPGMP3 is probably the longest running tabletop live play site on the net. We host groups from all over the world and podcast their audio games (and sometimes their video games) to the eager ears of thousands of people. Most of the people who subscribe to the podcast pass through the site now and again and we have a forum as well as post comments where you can find conversations from the inspired to the inane. The forums are a great place to ask questions about how to run and play games. Our users have been playing games for a really long time and someone will generally have something to say about almost any system you can imagine.

Live Play (Actual Play) Files

The reason you are most likely here is to download or listen to or watch the tabletop games we have recorded here. We have over two thousand sessions so it can get a little intimidating.

If you click on or wave over the “Game Recordings” link at the top of the site, you will get a list of the contributor groups that provide games to RPGMP3. The RPGMP3 section is our own games. You can browse through that way and find all kinds of gems. Each group has its own podcast feed that you can take form the “Game Recordings” page and drop into your chosen podcast aggregator.

Alternatively, you can use the Search box to look up game system you are interested in and you will get a page dedicated to those systems.

And finally, you can subscribe to our main podcast feed which consists of the latest 300 game sessions played by every group on the site. You will find the links to do that on your device at the bottom of the page.

Some recommendations for a place to start…

For current games, try dipping into the RPGMP3 recordings. We tend to try and keep current and often play pre-written scenarios and adventure paths for games that are new at the time of recording.

For an excellent ongoing fantasy game, why not try Warlords of the Accordlands from the BAG People. It is hilarious. And runs for 105 sessions so it should keep you busy for a while.

If you like Pathfinder, then you could do a lot worse than the Yorkton Gamer Guild recordings.

And if short indie games are your bag, then do pass by and check out the Wharton Hall Gamers. They are truly excellent and wonderful people.

All the groups on the site produce different audio and video in different ways, so it is really down to you t explore and see where it all takes you. Remember that some of the games were recorded a very long time ago (our first recording was in 2003), so the quality of the audio may not be superb in all cases. Take a look around and see what you find. Ask questions and people will talk to you.

And of course, you can also go over to…

The Forums

Another good place to start if you have questions about the site, the recordings or gaming, in general, is the forums.

It would be awesome if you passed by and introduced yourself as we really like to know who is around here so we can help you guys better.

Again, the forum has been running for a long time. You will find a ton of old posts in there about gaming, the games on the site, products people have talked about, the conventions they have attended and other general miscellaneous stuff. Feel free to dig about, we kept all the old posts when we moved to the current site format partly as a historical record of the site but also because some of them may be of help to someone someday maybe.

The Gallery

Any kind of story that is told attracts the attention of artists inspired to draw and create based on it. We have been privileged to have some amazing character art drawn for the games we have hosted by some truly superb artists. While you are looking around the site and trying to figure out where to dig in, perhaps call by the Gallery and see if there is any art that takes your fancy. It may lead you to a group or a game that you really like.

All The Other Stuff

When you are settled in, why not take a look at the Interviews with the great and the good, the gaming Songs and Filk, the Radio Plays and Skits from around the net and the Journals written by some of our lovely users.

Become A Patron

All this stuff is supported by our wonderful Patrons. Users who find value and entertainment in what we do. If you would like to support RPGMP3, please head over to our Patreon and throw your hat in the ring and we will give you some small things as a thank you.

Connect with Us

Like every other site online we need to be pretty much everywhere. If you like things around here, please follow us and engage with us on our social media offerings.

Thank You For Being Here

If you managed to get down here, let me just say thank you for visiting the site, thank you for your interest in what we do. Hopefully, you will find a place here. Go and say hello and let’s start chatting.


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