In Episode 2, our Heroes face Nazis, Ninjas, Cultists, Ninja Cultists, Nazi Cultists (but, importantly, not Nazi Ninjas), 1000 letters, and a confrontation in the far-off Amazon Jungle! All this and more!

Cadence IS Dr. Reginald Jones, Movie Scientist of an Increasingly Implausible Number of PhDs!

Matthew IS Wong Wei, The Mysterious and All-Too-Often Naked Kung-Fu Guy!

Nathan IS Kansas Carter, The Movie Babe, Real Hero of the Story!

Chris IS Grace Falling Hawk, The Mystic Wise Native, Master of Eagles!

Cameron IS Guy Incognito, Totally Not The Mysterious Masked Patriot!

The Player Who Couldn’t Make It To The Session Still ISN’T Brick Harrison, The Surprisingly Often Kidnapped Hero!

Jared IS The GM Of 1000 Bad Accents!

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