RPGMP3 is pleased to present our 2020 Christmas Special, at the end of a very trying year for many. This year we are playing ‘Twas by Ace Gamebooks. That terrible devil, Krampus is back with a scheme to kidnap and sacrifice Santa so he can take all the Christmas power for himself. Santa has just enough time to animate a small group of toys, instructing them to save him, before he is hustled off towards his fate. Will this ill-suited group of cloth, stuffing, and good intentions manage to save Santa? Let’s see.

Anita as Elspeth – a Christmas Tree Fairy
Bill as Stitches – a Soft Toy Clown
Nick as Furious George – a Soft Toy Monkey (and part-time wrestler)
Thing as Barkley – a Loveable Soft Toy Dog (and best boy)

Hal as the Gamemaster

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Dungeon ON!

Intro music: Joyful Christmas by Purple Planet Music

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