Session 01: The Big Break

Aspiring and promising stardock rock band, Neon and Noqual, get a break and need to travel to Songbird Station to try to make it big. Sadly, their busted old starship isn’t up to the task and they have to catch a ride in an attempt to make it on time.

Catwomaim as Zhane Amellu – a Lashunta Envoy, Polyphonic Guitarist, and Lead Singer
Monster as Sem Syletar Salumin – a Kasatha Soldier and Anti-Grav Drummer
Fury as Nuya Pei – a Human Mechanic and Gyro-Fixed Bass Guitarist
Colt as Dwinite – a Ysoki Technomancer and Electro-Synth Keyboardist

Hal as the Game Master

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