After months and months, we finally get the full group back together and pick up where we left off playing Three Kings for Achtung! Cthulhu for Savage Worlds written by Sarah Newton for Modiphius Press. We apologize for the long hiatus, but real life, followed by Numenera got in the way. In the meantime, we aim to finish playing and recording this scenario so that you can find out what happens.

In episodes 1 and 2 of Three Kings, our intrepid sextet of spies have been sent by London to make contact with the Resistance in Czechoslovakia on the eve of war. Word has come of strange goings on in Castle Karlstein and London wishes to determine what the Nazis are using the castle for. After a successful parachute landing, the team eliminated a German punishment detail and in the process met up with a local cell leader Viktor who was able to lead the team to a resistance camp in the woods. Before they had time to formulate a plan, the camp came under attack by a German patrol! Fending off the patrol and adding to Corporal Cribbin’s wrist watch collection, the team makes its way north of Karlstein and across the river…

In this episode, our heroes, now on the otherwise of the river, finally make contact with a leading member of the resistance and proceed with their secondary mission—get into Castle Karlstein.

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