It is 1939.

War looms over Europe once again… Strange things are afoot in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. A secret mission from London must establish contact with the Czech resistance and discover what is going on in Castle Karlstein.

This is the opening session of Three Kings, the first part of the Zero Point campaign for Modiphius Press’ Achtung! Cthulhu campaign setting. This is played using the Savage Worlds RPG rules, and is run by David Lai with characters created by Pookie.

Our cast is as follows…

Stefan Install as Pilot Officer Alexander ‘Ace’ Astor (portrayed by Alexander Armstrong)
Sergeant Smith (NPC)
Mog as Corporal Anwyn Evans (portrayed by Patrick McGoohan)
Lulu Hayes as Sapper Stanley Cribbens (portrayed by Alfie Bass)
Pookie as Agent Anton (portrayed by Herbert Lom)
Private James McTavish (NPC)

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