Episode 1: The Strange Expedition in… The Starting Gate (Prologue, Part 1) – In which we see the beginnings of our Heroes tales’ years ago (or years from now, in the case of time travel), and how they came to oppose Phileas Fogg.

It is 1899, the turn of the 20 th Century. 23 years after extraordinary British scientist Phileas Fogg went Around the World in 80 Days, he now seeks to better his own feat – to travel to any seven destinations on the planet, no matter how far, within the year. Fogg will then justifiably become the head of the Royal Academy of Science.

There’s just one problem. Phileas Fogg is a cad, a philander, a murderer, and a monster. 

Only a small group of heroes know the truth, and only they can stop him in an adventurous race around the world!

This is a Savage Worlds pulp adventure in the style of Indiana Jones. Our Heroes must win a world-spanning race, travelling the globe and taking on adventures in a variety of different pulp-filtered genres, from mysteries to mummies, death-trap filled temples, horror, espionage, time travel, and dinosaurs!

Jared as the GM
Helen as “Pittsburgh&” Pete Morrison, square jawed all-American hero
Miriam as Dr Johnathan Hannah, renowned mummy-phobic Egyptologist with shifty eyes
Susan as Dr Amanda Strange, rich dilettante, occultist, scientist, and general eccentric who believes that her cat can talk to her and is inhabited by her dead husband’s spirit.
Mara Priscilla Mimieax, time travelling 10 year old Eloi girl from the ruined future of Fogg’s folly.
Grant as Bernard Pendlebury / James Fogg, allegedly a simply butler, but secretly Phileas Fogg’s thought-murdered brother.
Jan as Jeremy Wright, anti-social mad clockwork scientist.
Yerin as Special Investigator Rosemary Darling, British police officer in over her head.

System: Savage Worlds, using the Thrilling Tales pulp sourcebook.

Special Thanks To:

Pinnacle Entertainment Group (PEG), makers of Savage Worlds.
Intro music “Jade” by Scott Buckley http://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/jade/ used with permission under Creative Commons License.

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