When I was a kid, I played maybe one or two sessions of a game of Dungeons and Dragons with my uncles. It was never going to last, of course. The GM was in the middle of finding God, and quickly decided that the game was evil. The second player was that jerk everyone seems to know who played Chaotic Neutral just so he could randomly urinate on NPCs. And I, being about six at the time, played a monk because it sounded cool, picked a fight in my first tavern, and immediately got killed, then did the exact same thing again. After that collapsed, the GM destroyed all his books and I more or less forgot about the hobby.

Until several years back, that is, when through some bit of luck I stumbled across RPGMP3.com, and more specifically, the Whartson Hall bunch and the Texas group. I was immediately smitten with the idea of tabletop roleplaying again. It’s taken me several years to work up the gumption to get involved with the hobby personally, but finding myself as I do with a lot more time on my hands now than I usually do, I’ve decided to follow that dream.

One of my favorite systems has always been Call of Cthulhu. Maybe it’s because I like the idea of terrifying my players. Maybe it’s because I like the innate sadism in the system. Maybe it’s just because it’s fairly easy as these things go (my other choice, thank you Hal, was Rolemaster after all). Whatever that says about me, I’ve decided to start up a Call of Cthulhu game, centered around the no doubt completely novel notion of a detective agency playing through pre-published scenarios, maybe a few original ones when I get comfortable enough to actually write them.

So what’s this blog about, then? Well, this is my effort to entertain the community. Lacking as I do the facilities or, likely, the permission to record my sessions, I’ve decided to use the blog feature to post recaps of any adventures that come from this, so that you might laugh at my incompetence and tell me exactly where I screwed up in the inevitable downward spiral that I’m told all first-time GMs take.

Hope I’m not too boring. ^_^

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