With feats of implausible courage, ridiculously smooth lines, and impossibly accurate shooting, our Heroes will track down ancient lost treasures, solve riddles of forgotten civilizations, and escape perilous traps – let no cliché go unturned!

Raiders of the Lost Park is a homebrew one-shot pulp comedy game, using a simple rules-lite system. We swear (on advice from our lawyers) that we have never heard of a franchise called Indiana Jones.

In Episode 1, our Heroes travel to the exotically foreign Istanbul, then pixel-hunt through America. Will the stunningly attractive woman spontaneously flirting with our male heroes turn out to be evil in the end? All this and more!

Intro music “Jubilee” by Scott Buckley http://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/jubilee used with permission under Creative Commons License.


Cadence IS Dr. Reginald Jones, The Movie Scientist!

Matthew IS Wong Wei, The Mysterious Kung-Fu Guy!

Nathan IS Kansas Carter, The Movie Babe!

Chris IS Grace Falling Hawk, The Mystic Wise Native!

Cameron IS Guy Incognito, The Sidekick / The Redshirt / The Token Black Guy!

The Player Who Couldn’t Make It To The Session ISN’T Brick Harrison, The Square-Jawed All-American Hero!

Jared IS The GM Of 1000 Cliches!

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