Unbelievably, Play from Ponape brings an actual scenario to a close! This is the second half of the fourth and final part of Vortex, an adventure for Monte Cook’s Origins award winning Numenera RPG. Having made our way beyond the Vortex we begin to learn the true secrets of its strangeness…

As ever, Dave is our GM. The cast is as follows…

Louise: Maves, a Strong Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel
Mog: Gaulen, a Tough Nano who Controls Gravity
Pookie: Huongsem, a Mechanical Nano who Talks to Machines
Hugh: Evanna, a Clever Glaive who Masters Weaponry

Prepare to be flabbergasted as we face down celestial knights and gain a wondrous artefact, activate buttons beyond our ken, and save the day!

Hope that you enjoyed this adventure and tune in next time for our continuing adventures.

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