In this instalment, Play from Ponape presents our continuing our adventures out of the Vortex—the scenario for Monte Cook’s Origins award winning Numenera RPG. Having gone wildly off course and found ourselves in the jungle and at the mercy of a great beast, we escape to the river and the town of Druissi. Its townsfolk are sick and one of them is missing—could it have to do with the structure that the town is built over? This time the adventure is ‘Seedship’, one of the scenarios presented in the corebook.

As ever, Dave is our GM. The cast is as follows…

Louise: Maves, a Strong Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel
Mog: Gaulen, a Tough Nano who Controls Gravity
Pookie: Huongsem, a Mechanical Nano who Talks to Machines

Prepare yourself for danger and desperation as we attempt to escape a potential death trap of our own making, discover secrets, and finally come to face the cause of the town’s problem in a very slippery finale!


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