The party creep around the first dungeon level of the monastery and somehow manage to avoid everything and reach the hobgoblin king who they have a long and meaningful chat with regarding the issues at Guido’s Fort and how his planned invasion is not going to help anyone. He agrees with them and decides to retire to the beach. The group then have a small surprise as the barbarian decides to take a small trip and rogue decides to follow along.

Becca: Kali the Feral Rakasta Druid
Erin: Kerri Deez the Variant Human Cleric of Time
Tim: Brutalix the Bull Lupin Barbarian
Leah: Ellyjobell the Sky Gnome Rogue
Nick: Devitt Scurll the Sidhe Fighter (Nick is out for this session so he is NPCed by the group, badly)
Glen: Tyrell Quintus the Variant Human Wizard
Hal: The Dungeon Master

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