Giantslayer Session 01

Session Description: Trunau sits in the Holds of Belkzen, surrounded by tribes of hostile orcs. It’s bad enough that the townsfolk keep a vow to keep their hopeknives close, to finish themselves off before the orcs can do worse to them. But now come evils worse than before, for trouble follows Trunau like crows. A simple so-called suicide is just the first step to uncovering a conspiracy of orcs, dragons, giants, and more. Trunau’s defenders will journey across the Mindspin Mountains, passing through fire and death ‘til the lightning falls…

Episode 1 – In which the audience meets the fortified town of Trunau and Tomar Stormcrow, Dwarven Sorcerer. It’s all fun and games before a terrible death. Originally recorded 26 October 2021.

– Jared as Tomar Stormcrow, Dwarven Sorcerer
– Helen as the GM / Kurst Grath (Human Rogue/Ranger) / Pella Wolfrider (gnome Druid/Barbarian) / Sigrun Rockcrusher (Dwarven Paladin of Iomedae)

Special Notes: This is a duet game – one GM, one player. To help our lead character Tomar out, he gets a rotating cast of four main (DM)PCs as his party. To save us a lot of headaches and paperwork, only one of them goes adventuring with him at a time, run by the GM. Tomar selects a party member, and they travel with him and give him access to their abilities (making it effectively a 2 member party). Because of the lack of players, a wide variety of encounters in Giantslayer have been altered or removed to make their CRs and challenge levels different.

Special Thanks To:
– Intro music “Viking Battle Music Frost Giants” by Brandon Fiechter used with permission under Creative Commons License.

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