This is a campaign I ran back when Third edition was first released…

Dramatis Personae
Acelia – Female Elven Druid
Balin – Male Human Adept
Dart – Male Elven Monk
Gallandro – Male Human Sorcerer
Gwendon Asticanti – Female Human Rogue
Ilea of the Bear Clan – Female Human Barbarian
Jakkara – Female Drow Rogue
Kobort – Male Elven Ranger
Lady Arlinde – Female Human Aristicrat
Lusipher – Male Human Fighter
Magh – Male Human Barbarian
Misha – Female Elven Ranger
Nath’Tool – Male Elven Wizard
Ralph “Asgrim Underdark” Tinkersbeard – Male Dwarf Fighter
Rhelvin – Male Sky Elf Ranger
Sirrathi – Female Aasimar Sorcerer
Toll – Male Dwarven Cleric
Vheshema – Female Bronze Dragon

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