2021 Christmas Special: How The Lich Stole Christmas

RPGMP3 is pleased to present our 2021 Christmas Special. This year we are playing How The Lich Stole Christmas for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition by Wizard Sleeve Studios.

A party of inexperienced adventurers is traveling through the mountains when they encounter a depressed village where all the children have been stolen by a terrible Lich hiding in a nearby cave. Will the party agree to save the children and what festive horrors will they encounter on the way? Only time will tell.

Hal as Corric – a Lightfoot Halfling Wizard (and noted Folk Hero)
Evan as Verrin – an Elf Cleric of Twilight
Nick as Chomsky – a Forest Gnome Fighter
Thing as Belrash – a Dragonborn Rogue

Anita Bourbon as the Gamemaster

You can get a copy of this adventure at Dungeons Masters Guild

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Dungeon ON!

Background music: Drops of Melting Snow by Axeltree – used under Creative Commons

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