All Flesh Must Be Eaten 03: Stairway to Heaven

Reasonably armed at last, the party realises that their temporary refuge is in danger of becoming a tomb. And the enemy doesn’t even have a cave troll.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is published by Eden Studios. “Coffee Break of the Living Dead” was written by Ben Monroe. The opening excerpt from “Paranoia” is by Purple Planet ( Music: )

The Whartson Hall Aethernauts play through the Google+ Hangouts facility rather than face-to-face in a room. Despite our best efforts, listeners may find some reduction in sound quality as a result. No animal brains were consumed in the making of this episode.

The Players:
Nick: The Zombie Master
Amelia: Nicole Kowalsky, business woman
Martin: Manny, bum with a crack problem
Jon: Neville Roberts, former actor

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