Episode 2: The Strange Expedition in… The Starting Gate (Prologue, Final Part) – In which our Heroes take up Fogg’s challenge, and the World’s Most Wondrous Year officially begins.

System Matters:
Interested in what’s happening with the system you’re listening to? (If not, stop reading now).

This is Savage Worlds pulp edition, based off the Thrilling Tales sourcebook and using a number of minor house rules and tweaks. For this campaign, we’re using rules like:
Heroes Don’t Die – pulp heroes who are Incapacitated can be, at worst, permanently injured, never killed.
No Falling You – rules of drama apply to falling, halving all falling damage from the Savage Worlds Core. (Smashing glass causes no injury at all).
A Fistful of Bennies – we use an adaption of the Hero Points rule from Deadlands. Poker chips are blind drawn from a bag at the start of each session. A White chip is a re-roll or a retroactive +1. A Red chip adds a retroactive +1d6, but gives the GM a Hero Point. A Blue chip adds the +1d6 without giving the GM a draw. A Green chip, given for group compels, is an auto-success, a temporary advancement, or otherwise impossible feats.
Zone Movement – rather than moving via the standard Savage Worlds 6” Pace, we use Zones, a broad marker of areas (a concept taken from the FATE system).
Social Combat – we’ve added Social Combat into Savage Worlds (which works very similar to physical combat, but for convincing people via argument).
Generic Gear – We didn’t want to track specific details for our dashing pulp heroes. So rather than a complex list of different gun and gear types and drawing a distinction between a Colt 45 and a Luger, it’s all simplified to generic pistol stats. Rather than track money, we use a Resources skill to buy things. Rather than track encumbrance by the pound, each item has a simple Weight of 1 to 5 listed.
Give Or Take 15 Years – Anything interesting that happened in history for 15 years in the past or future of 1899 instead happened in that year. Real history will be found sporadically, if at all, here!

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