Whartstock 2013:
Star Wars 01: Rebel Breakout

Allegiances and priorities shift in times of war. As the Empire struggles to crush the Rebellion, four strangers decide to join the rebel cause and lend their varied skills to the fight, but have they been betrayed even before being accepted? They certainly have been by the GM…

Recorded at Whartstock 2013, with all the noises off that entails. This adventure used the original D6 System version of Star Wars from West End Games.

The Players:
Nick: The GM
Amelia: J’laan B’thaa, Space Pirate
Mark: Zack Tinpot, Tongue-tied Engineer
The Lovely Emma: Trina Cloudbuster, Young Senatorial
Jon: Ral Zondo, Jetpackless Bounty Hunter

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