Whartstock 2013:
Heroes of Rura-Tonga 01: PBY SOS

Heroes of Rura-Tonga

It isn’t easy scraping a living flying between islands in the South Pacific of 1938, but even though it costs time and fuel there’s no way that any pilot would ignore a distress call from a fellow flier; and when that call comes from the American Navy then it could be that a reward is in the offing… if you can find the downed aircraft and survive the strange, uncharted island sitting in contested waters on the brink of a global war…

Recorded at Whartstock 2013, with all the noises off that entails. This session was run with Mini Six from AntiPaladin Games and uses an adventure and source material from Peter Schweighofer’s Heroes of Rura-Tonga, available from Griffon Publishing Studio.

The Players:
Jon: The GM
Amelia: Wilhelmina “Willie” Brewster, Pilot
Mark: Dick “Mack” McGinty, Mechanic
Nick: Dr Rupert “Doc” Miller-Smythe, Field Scientist

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