Howdy folks.

Some of you may ask who I am and why I immediately created a blog on the new site and for that I have to tell you a story.

I’ve been poking around the site for a number of years. Originally drawn in by promises of an actual play recording of the then new 4th edition of DnD, a system I still have a love/hate relationship with to this day, I discovered a wonderful community of people who shared my interests and love of gaming. I was never a big mover and shaker but I made a few friends here. I learned how to be a better roleplayer and a GM from listening to the massive stores of audio and discussing our hobby of choice in numerous discussions. I wanted desperately to contribute my own recordings of my group’s play.

But sadly despite my constant wheedling, my group has maintained a strict denial and general unease at the prospect. They are a shy bunch (and one is convinced it would ruin his “reputation” or something) and I bow to their wishes.

Okay, I have to pause here because there’s an animal making noises like I’ve never heard outside my window and I’m scared to get up and… that’s a skunk. Yep, that’s even more terrifying.

So anyway my group’s opposed to supplying audio but I will continue to mention it to them. However, I still want to contribute to the site’s content in any way I can. I have few talents other than passable writing ability so I’m going to do what I can.

Here will be a collection of anecdotes, thoughts, and quite likely stories about the games we have played (as the group has no problem with me telling them, they just distrust audio). Hopefully, I can entertain and maybe share a bit of wisdom and experience I have gained to help newcomers like I was when I first found this place.

Next post will come soon and have more about games and such, but right now I’m going to turn off the lights and hope my striped visitor decides to leave without odorizing the room.

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