Cleaning up the Windsong Abbey

The Shard Seekers continue to work upwards from the depths of the Windsong Abbey, defeating any evil encountered whether ancient remnants of the cult of Groetus or allies of the defeated Ardathanatus.


Thing as Goram, Half-orc Two-handed Fighter

Heather as Arrow on the Wind, Shoanti Zen Archer

Kurtis as Diane Archer, Half-elf Summoner, with Eidolon Anung Un Rama

Lockhart as GM and Alex Dusthand, Half-elf Archaeologist


This is the first session of Shattered Star to be released since we lost Lockhart. I know we all miss him a lot. Heather has been amazing in letting us continue to release the game files to complete the story and she even found this one on Lockhart’s computer for us so we have a full set. Let’s remember our friend as we listen to this one, he really was great at this stuff.

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