Even a simple ocean voyage on Golarion has risks. But who could have expected this? Our heroes awake, cast away on a desert island, with no weapons, armour, supplies, or even food. How did they get here? And where did their ship go? Their last few weeks are a haze of missing memories. They’ll have to find what they’ve lost and forgotten if they hope to survive a desert island filled with cannibals, the restless dead, ancient treasure, greed, and fellow castaways with secrets to kill for…

Helen as Lydia, Katapeshi streetrat Halfling Rogue
Adam as Richard ‘Tiny’ Nicodemus, ex-gladiator Human Fighter
Miriam as Zwi, herbalist Gnome Ranger
Jared as the GM

Special Thanks To:
Paizo, for the excellent adventure Soul for Smuggler’s Shiv, the basis for our campaign.
Intro music “King of the Dinosaurs” by Derek and Brandon Fiechter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aeii0mJzqYc used with permission under Creative Commons License.

Episode 1 – in which our castaways’ time on the unknown island begins with pain, and a
mystery to be solved.

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