The River Kingdoms are a constantly shifting group of city-states, kingdoms, and fiefdoms, rising and falling through the machinations of would-be conquerors, wars, assassinations, games of politics, and dangerous monsters. South of Brevoy sit the Stolen Lands – stolen from what and when are a matter of debate – currently overrun by bandits and monsters. Brevoy seeks to aid in the establishment of new kingdoms, buffer states, run by anyone strong and clever enough to carve a kingdom out of the wilderness. Kaylen Thorne, the mercenary who would be king, believes he is that man. Herein lies his tale – of wilderness exploration, monsters, politics, romantic entanglements, ancient gods, and war. Heavy is the head that wears the crown…

Helen as Kaylen Thorne, half-orc Fighter / Knight of Thorns
Jared as GM / Tristain Thorne (human bard) / Korwin Steelriver (dwarf cleric of Pharasma) / Bryn (half-elf monk) / Michaela Morag (Mysterious Rogue/Cleric)

Special Notes: This is a solo game – one GM, one player. To help our lead character Kaylen out, he gets a rotating cast of four main (DM)PCs as his party. To save us a lot of headaches and paperwork, only one of them goes adventuring with him at a time, run by the GM. Kaylen selects a party member, and they travel with him and give him access to their abilities (making it effectively a 2 member party). Because of the lack of players, a wide variety of encounters in Kingmaker have been altered to make their CRs and challenge levels different.

We begin recording a few sessions into Book 2, and Session Zero is a short recap of what came previously.

Special Thanks To:
Paizo, for an excellent Adventure Path, and the Paizo forums for several variations to improve it further.
Intro music “The Hunt” by BrunuhVille used with permission under Creative Commons License.

Episode 00a – (Prologue) in which we recap that which has passed unrecorded, recapping the events of Book 1 and the beginnings of Book 2.

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