Iron Gods Session 35: Clerics, Monitors, and Grenades! Oh My!

System: Pathfinder 1st Edition

NOTE: This is a Lost Episode, sadly due to corruption on the drive we use to store the files prior to editing.

Team Meat finds a room filled with clerics to Hellion and a large number of monitors and decides to have the least cohesive combat we have seen in a long time. Surprisingly, they somehow manage to survive without taking too many losses, but there will likely be conversations about tactics at some point in the future.

Whitney as Tatia Nemescu – a human Oracle of the Lunar mystery and her tiger companion, Nicodemus
Thing as Lx&R (Alexander) – an android wizard
Bill as Kiernan Fent – a fetchling unchained rogue
Tim as I’keztu – a qlippoth-spawn tiefling fighter
Nick as Buligup – a grippli fighter

Hal as the gamemaster

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Dungeon ON!

Intro music: Searching the Cosmos by Purple Planet Music
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