Session 24: Adventuring In Slow Motion

Team Meat confronts Marrow in her lair and deals with the threat before really, really slowly progressing into the next room and fighting a bunch of very minor monsters in agonizingly painful detail.

NOTE: This session brought to light a very badly worded Trait that I’keztu has, the ‘Suicidal’ trait. RPGMP3 feels that this Trait is in bad taste and we will work to rename it moving forward.

If you are in crisis or having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 (in the US). If you are outside the US, you can find resources for a local support line at this link:

Whitney as Tatia Nemescu – a human Oracle of the Lunar mystery and her tiger companion, Nicodemus
Thing as Lx&R (Alexander) – an android wizard
Bill as Kiernan Fent – a fetchling unchained rogue
Tim as I’keztu – a qlippoth-spawn tiefling fighter

Hal as the gamemaster and Buligup – a grippli fighter and NPC

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Dungeon ON!

Intro music: Searching the Cosmos by Purple Planet Music
Outro music: Emotional Theme by Purple Planet Music

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