Session 20: Manticore Madness

Eager to increase their scrapworth and gain some recognition from the gangs in Scrapwall, the party head off up a deserted path through the mountains of twisted metal to hunt down a manticore. This creature has been terrorizing travelers and Scrapwall residents alike and killing it would certainly bring some acclaim. What ensues is tough combat where the party is forced to make some hard tactical decisions.

We also see the introduction of a nice new overlay to make you viewing a little more pleasant.

Whitney as Tatia Nemescu – a human Oracle of the Lunar mystery and her tiger companion, Nicodemus
Thing as Lx&R (Alexander) – an android wizard
Bill as Kiernan Fent – a fetchling unchained rogue
Tim as I’keztu – a qlippoth-spawn tiefling fighter

Hal as the gamemaster and Buligup – a grippli fighter and NPC

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Dungeon ON!

Intro music: Searching the Cosmos by Purple Planet Music
Outro music: Emotional Theme by Purple Planet Music

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