The part acquires a nice new time cleric with rather an odd area of research that no one is certain has anything to do with time. They continue their foray into the monastery to try and break through the hobgoblins. They finally manage to use their pit trap (thank heavens that thing is gone) with some success and they find there are larger and dirtier things in the depths of this place than goblins and hobgoblins.

Becca: Kali the Feral Rakasta Druid
Erin: Kerri Deez the Variant Human Cleric of Time
Tim: Brutalix the Bull Lupin Barbarian
Leah: Ellyjobell the Sky Gnome Rogue
Nick: Devitt Scurll the Sidhe Fighter
Glen: Tyrell Quintus the Variant Human Wizard
Hal: The Dungeon Master

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