A party of new adventures gathers at Guido’s Fort in order to plan for their foray across the river to the legendary hill around which myths of monsters and treasure have been spun.

Playing in Dungeons and Dragons 5e this is a conversion of the classic B5 Horror on the Hill adventure in the Mystara setting converted by Mr. Welch (Glen).

In this adventure, the strains of sound you may hear are coming from Syrinscape and the little smells I pass out are Adventure Scents from OddFish Games.


Becca: Kali the Feral Rakasta Druid

Tim: Brutalix the Bull Lupin Barbarian

Leah: Ellyjobell the Sky Gnome Rogue

Nick: Devitt Scurll the Sidhe Fighter

Glen: Tyrell Quintus the Variant Human Wizard

Hal: The Dungeon Master

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