Session 02: Fortunes, Stereotypes and Crocodile Handbags

The party continues punting through the swamps. They meet a group of Vistani, who in a fit of Romani stereotyping, invite the party to stay and read their fortunes. Chat pays for a random encounter and the party is set upon by something massively dangerous but ultimately lucrative. After collecting a strange follower they make their way to Marais d’Tarascon.

NOTE: From this point forward I will endeavor to do better than this old adventure did in ensuring that the Vistani are not just blatant stereotypes.

Catwomaim as Missy Belchiot – a lightfoot halfling Rogue
Monster as Alekenora – a firbold Druid
Bunni as Karou – a tiefling Wild Magic Sorcerer
Alec as Saul “Giantlover” – a gnome Fighter who likes larger ladies and gentlemen
Fury as Seyla – a half-elf Warlock with a Celestial Patron
Tom as Tomas Wyvernbone – a variant human Cleric of the War Domain

Hal as the Dungeon Master

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