Forgotten Futures VI: Victorian Villainy
Steam Pirates! Session 01

London, 1887. All good citizens of Her Majesty’s Glorious Empire rejoice at the grand opening of the undersea tunnel (Hurrah!) linking England with France, creating unparalleled opportunities for trade, diplomacy, and travel.

Meanwhile, some rather less-good citizens of Her Majesty’s Empire have been invited to the rehearsal of the play Easy Money, where the legendary villain Leon Arkov will offer them one more unparalleled opportunity… for crime!

Our Players:
Jon as the scandalous Solomon Knight, illusioneer and blackguard
Amelia as the larcenous Lady Hester Valentine, forger, procurer of dodgy documents
Nick as the dastardly Doctor James Crowther, murderous medic
Mark as the guileful Games Master

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