Okay, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Gee, I remember when he actually tried to come up with topics and would put some effort into this blog instead of just doing these challenges whenever someone tells him they exist. What an asshole!”

And you’d be right.

But on the other hand, I’ve established many times before on this site that I’m super lazy and I don’t care what you think even though I treasure you and your readership. So come along, my friend, and let’s see what wonders this year’s challenge (even though I only did the other one a couple months ago) has to offer! Woooo! Once again I’ll be doing these in chunks and not at all on a daily basis because in addition to laziness I have a short attention span.

I’m really rather terrible as a human being…

QUESTION THE FIRST: Forthcoming game you are most looking forward to

Uh, okay, I guess these aren’t being phrased as questions. Hm, do I make a snarky comment about lack of proper respect for the challenger, the readers, and sentence structure? Do I surreptitiously edit them from now on so they are questions? Do I admit that I haven’t been following upcoming games? These are all good questions that are actually questions. Did you see how they ended in question marks?

It feels a little like a cop out but I really haven’t been looking into what’s coming up for a while now so I will have to go with a product that is tangentially related to tabletop gaming. I’m really liking what I’ve seen of Sword Coast Legends which releases pretty soon. I remember spending hours on the original NWN game designing really lousy modules because I was lazy and had a short attention span. Then NWN2 came out and suddenly the editor required me to know how to do stuff. That was completely unreasonable! This game’s editor looks really easy to use, even on the fly, and I kind of want to see how well it would work to actually run my group’s weekly game on it. Plus it’s another DnD RPG that seeks to emulate Baldur’s Gate and I cannot get enough of those.

QUESTION THE SECOND: (What is the) Kickstarted game (that you are) most pleased you backed[?)

I got very excited to back a product. I went through the effort of making a Kickstarter account. I didn’t back it that day because I was waiting on confirmation email, I think? Then I forgot to log in again before the campaign expired. Now I can’t log in at all and they won’t send me a password reset so the answer is none.

QUESTION THE THIRD: Favourite New Game of the last 12 months

I am super pleased with DnD Fifth Edition. I won’t go into it at length because I’ve said it on the site and this blog before, time and again, that it’s what I’ve wanted DnD to be for a while now.

QUESTION THE FOURTH: Most Surprising Game

I’m kicking myself because I know there’s a game I’ve actually played that I should be talking about here, but I simply can’t think of it. Instead I’ll have to say that, while I haven’t played it myself, I’ve been really enjoying Wil Wheaton’s Titansgrave game, which you can watch on youtube. It’s using a modified version of the DragonAge system, I think? I didn’t really follow the system when it came out but it seems simple yet versatile and it happily gets out of the way when you want to just get into some roleplaying. It’s surprising to me because the initial hype-up for the game didn’t really grab me but thanks largely to the effort of some artist’s incredible work in post-production I am super interested in the world and would actually play or run a game in it.

QUESTION THE FIFTH: Most recent RPG purchase

I was at the opening of a new gaming store that I wish wasn’t across the entire town from my house because it’s a nice place. They had a copy of Ninja Burger on sale. I have wanted that for ages. Now I no longer need to want that,

Ninja Burger is totally an RPG. Shut up.

QUESTION THE SIXTH: Most recent RPG played

Easy one. I play in a DnD5e game every Tuesday. Now, we also played some sort of zombies themed miniatures game this week. I don’t know what it was called. All I know is in the scenario we played I was a squad of cops and they were the weakest units on the board – even weaker than the civilian group which had children in it. But we beat the scenario without losing a single human unit so I guess it worked out.


I have never played it. My god I want to play it but we have not played it yet. Maybe now that we’re doing semi-regular tabletop nights I can campaign for this again because dear god I want to play it. It’s called Mobile Frame Zero and it’s a mech combat game except you can use just about anything for the mech models – including LEGO!

Not roleplay-y enough? Damn. How about Wushu: The Ancient Art of Action Roleplaying? It’s a really cool system that lets you build super-capable characters incredibly quickly, actually gives you more dice the more insane the action you attempt is, has one of the best ways of handling minion combat I think I’ve ever seen, and can be used for just about every genre. In fact, this is totally the game I was thinking of for most surprising! We got there!

QUESTION THE EIGHTH: Favourite appearance of RPGs in the Media

Sadly, RPGs are still rather looked down on by the media. Even in something like the Big Bang Theory which arguably paints geeks in a positive light even while pointing its finger at them and laughing RPGs are played off as a joke, although the episode with Simon Helberg doing celebrity impressions as DnD characters was legitimately funny. We can’t easily go to movies that aren’t just referencing the hobby because any movie based on an RPG has been pretty bad. They’re making a new DnD movie, I hear. I bet it’ll be bad too.

I think the only appearance in the media i legitimately love was Gary Gygax’s cameo role in Futurama. It was funny without being mocking and I was… **/rolls** …pleased to see him.

QUESTION THE NINTH: Favourite media you wish was an RPG

I legitimately don’t understand this question.

QUESTION THE TENTH: Favourite RPG publisher

I really don’t follow the companies of pen and paper RPGs. I guess it’d default to Wizards because i own so much more of their stuff than anyone else and I actually know their name.


That’s all for now, folks. I’m on a road trip tomorrow so I’l finish the rest when I get the chance. Until then, you’ll all just have to wait in suspense for the next installment in which I will have more answers that basically show how uneducated I am at this hobby!

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