Episode 31 – in which the Sugar Fuelled Gamers bring you our Very Special Musical Episode, as Queen Illeosa tries to show that Korvosa’s plague problem is a minor issue through a sterling production of the Passion of Saint Alika.

The Passion of Saint Alika stars:-

Helen as Jac playing the upper half of Martin, Varisian Swindler

Susan as Silvyr playing Verric, Penniless-But-Handsome Cheliaxian Nobleman

Yerin as Lucy playing Kyria, Wife of Commander Waylon Endrin

Adam as Garrin playing the legs of Martin

Jared as Nakota (playing the Handsome-But-Shirtless Piero), Queen Illeosa (playing Saint Alika), Verrick Vancaskerkin (playing Commander Waylon Endrin), and a cast of dozens.

Extra Credits: – To the players for providing their own singing and songwriting!- To Derek and Brandon Fiechter for the instrumentals for Alika’s ‘The Decision’, from their orchestral piece ‘Fire Elemental’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z051Hoow0vo

Originally recorded 14 August 2018.

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