The group split up for the day: Three groups would search the rivers for the mark of the dragon indicating a blue dragon cache or a green dragon cache – as the moons Silvus and Tempus were full. Sirrathi and Jakkara made up one group, Gallandro and Lusipher the second, and Toll the third (After scrying on the magical chain that had held Gallandro in the ambush that never happened). Gwendon and Kobort planned to visit the dwarves to dispose of the marked items and to see if they could ‘acquire’ plates to smelt the talons down into coins or bars. Misha was going to get a tattoo. Asgrim, it seemed, was still sound asleep. After Toll cast Wind Walk on everyone, the group split up for the day.

Gallandro and Lusipher spent the entire 13 hours out searching their appointed route, finally finding the mark of the Blue Dragon after 10 hours. On their initial journey from the city they also discovered that many loggers had been ‘planted’ outside the forest for the crimes of cutting down trees by their esteemed druid friend – apparently. Sirrathi and Jakkara found the Mark of the Green after 7 hours out, noting that the Giants that had been planting crops were no where to be seen. Toll found nothing on the short river he was assigned, but did encounter the bronze dragon Vheshema, whose life he had saved in the caverns of Clan Nigelun. She informed him that she had claimed the lair of the white dragon Coldwitch as her own and that she intended to join the group until such a time as her debt to them was repaid. She then transformed into a female dwarf and accompanied Toll back to the city. Misha spent a good part of the morning building up the liquid courage to visit the hag tattooist, and then returned to the keep.

Gwendon and Kobort made haste to the Dwarven embassy, where they spoke with the dwarf Aolor in a magically warded chamber. He agreed to take the weapons from them and was astounded as to the recent exploits of the group. As the group was now in the keep, which had apparently accepted Gwendon’s claim to fame, the dwarves would send 6 Servants and 12 Dwarven Defenders to inhabit the keep and aid the group in two days. After leaving the dwarven hall, the pair went into the noble ward to search for an escort for Gwendon for the Gala. In the end they entered the brothel ‘Expressions of Love’ and spoke with the half-drow ‘hostess’ Aravought. In addition to purchasing the services of an ‘escort’ for the Gala, Gwendon discovered that the rogues of the city were now very interested in the group after a certain pair ran their mouth. Aravought agreed to set up a meeting the following day for Gwendon to meet with the Dark Stalkers in the Market of the Sun. Leaving the Brothel; the pair grabbed a quick meal, after which they visited the temples of Heronious and Pelor in the Temple ward seeking enlightenment. Agreeing to return to their respective temples on god’s day, the pair returned to the keep.

Meeting back up for the night, information was exchanged by all. An argument broke out on some people wanting to kill things versus others who did not want to kill anything. The group decided finally not to kill anything, but to go ‘visit’ their new neighbors in the cave complex. However, Jakkara was able to give the group enough clues about those who entered the caverns to determine that their neighbors were none other than the Draggeth Bahn. That threw the whole ‘visit’ idea out since the consensus was a day without death. In the end, it was decided that after speaking with the guild the next day, the group would go and investigate the Blue Dragon Mark in the valley. The group turned in for the night, with no casualties in the city!

The next day the group converged on the Market of the Sun in several groups. There they met the head of the Dark Stalkers, a female half-elf named Cerene. After a good amount of discussion between Gwendon, Asgrim and Cerene, they decided that the Dark Stalkers would provide information to the group – with the down payment to the Stalkers being that the group inhabited the Keep and one of their members was royalty. The information that the group learned from her was that there was another ‘elf’ in the city that lived in the sewers below the streets. This elf has been singing to the darkness since the fall of Mythrazel hundreds of years ago, apparently harassing the local theatre for their desecration of music. It was suggested that the group try to contact the elf, since they actually had an elf in their party. Afterwards, the group took flight and headed out of the city to investigate the mystery of the Blue Dragon Symbol…

After arriving on the spot of the Blue Dragon symbol, the group began to discuss the god marks on their hands and what powers they appeared to have. Sirrathi, after having looked through the various notes kept by party members and listening to their tales, deduced that the words that the witch originally spoke to the group seemed to have to do with what the power actually was. She also noted that Balin seemed to be spouting off relevant prophesies about the group and some of his ramblings had to do with the various factions of Mythrazel. The discussion then changed over to everyone’s quests and what they wanted or needed to accomplish. This went on for a short while before the group decided to returned their attention to the task at hand – the defeat of draco-liches!

It was decided that the people diving below would be Toll, Lusipher, Gwendon and Gallandro. Eventually, the quartet exited the water in another chamber of dragons. Leaving the chamber was a single, octagonal shaped tunnel that extended 70 feet before ending at a sealed door. Apparently, every 10′ long floor section was a pressure plate with the name of a dragon on it and each small section with a plane of gravity of its own. To safely navigate the passage the group would have to step on the appropriate plate with the name of the seven descendants of Taladwheren (be it jumping from floor to wall to ceiling to floor to floor to wall to etc). As none of the group knew who Taladwheren was (including the dragon above, after a quick jaunt back), an impasse was reached. Seeing that her skills were useless here, Gwendon returned above to let the others know. Misha then suggested that Toll use the Lock in his possession that could determine the safety of a course of action. A quick swim and a DOH! Slap to the head, and Toll quickly solved the riddle of the passage (Mhavok, Phyragnum, Lashier, Alwyhk, Shockstarr, Erenium and Kalkacoohi) and the group entered the room of the eye. Quickly opening the top of the dais, the group made haste to the surface to ambush the Draco-lich.

The battle started off bloody, with Gwen and Kobort taking blows from the creature as they moved in to attack it. It then breathed on Sirrathi, nearly killing her instantly. Most of the group attacked, dealing minimal damage to the great creature. Then Toll moved up and laid his hands on the beast with mighty healing magic, rending the undead creature to near death status instantly. A quick claw, claw, bite from Vheshema proved to be more than the Draco-lich could take and the battle was over as soon as it began. Healing was performed as needed, and the group headed off to the second site.
The second trap followed the same logic of the first, with the naming of the descendants of the great green wyrm Eversharr. This time Toll actually knew of the green dragon, which had been a plague upon his clan for thousands of years. Naming the descendants (Vhaspis, Creeping doom, Tolonok, Menhir, Alwerohk, Emerald death, and Praether) and looting the inner chamber, the group headed back out. This time, Toll healed the Draco-lich before it could move through the ground, making it vulnerable as it appeared on the surface. A few well-placed arrows from Misha proved too much for it to and the undead fell to the group. Looting its bones, the group headed back to the city as night began to fall.

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