It is 1636. France stands surrounded by enemies on all sides – the English, the Spaniards, and even the supernatural forces of Hell itself. Only force stands between France and chaos – the Musketeers, the greatest heroes in history. All For One is a Musketeers game powered by the FATE Accelerated system – a mini-campaign of swashbuckling, silly accents, the supernatural, and smutty puns.

Episode 1 – Chases, action, riding, swordplay, windmills, and explosions – All for One begins with a bang!


  • Nathan as Yseult St Andre, Occultist
  • Chris as Stephan de Buisson, Hunter
  • Mila as Antoine-Germain Narcisse, Swordsman (Episodes 1 – 5)
  • Cameron as Marc de Beausoleil, Nobleman (Episodes 1 – 5) / Antoine-Germain Narcisse, Swordsman (Episodes 6 – 13)
  • Jared as Chantelle Lefeure, Adventuress
  • Meredith as Charles Lyon, Criminal
  • Matthew as The GM

Intro Music “Marche Henri IV” was the French national anthem from 1590 to 1792. The instrumental version provided by Youtube.

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