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    Face’s Time Waster the Second: ZeldereX Online.

    Pretty fun online game really, though it employs some questionable advertising tactics (you get ingame rewards for bringing in more people). If you can ignore that and get started playing it’s prey-or-be-preyed-upon and sometimes fast-paced.

    I’ve only been playing a couple of days, but here are a few quick tips:

    If you have more than three soldiers (and you should) do not fail to use a Truck.

    Play offensively and SPEND THAT MONEY. Remember to save at least $100 per soldier you have on offense to switch ’em to defense when your fuel runs out.

    Make an Oil Facility and man it as best you can. You’ll be hurting for fuel otherwise.

    Buy a Barracks and upgrade it; 6 soldiers are probably not enough to defend your base or discourage attackers adequately.

    Arm your soldiers, but you should (probably) not upgrade your Blacksmith until you’re seriously prepared. It sends you into a more difficult crowd.

    Again: SPEND THAT MONEY. You won’t be targeted if you have nothing worth spending fuel over.

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