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    At max all video options seems to run fine in the old world, but in Northrend can’t go past like 5 steps in View Distance starts to lag pretty bad, thats the only setting cant be maxed or will start lag.

    I know is Mac and opengl but is sad that my girlfriend computer with windows can have better shadows and everything on max with 8x multisample and 1680×1050 same resolution as mine with 8600gt and all components lower than my mac can outperform it… Hope apple or you guys can fix this soon. Wish they upgrade faster the videocards too.

    We’re still working on the shadow support – since some of the higher modes require additional driver support, this is the gating factor there at the moment.

    In general, you should configure your settings such that you enjoy the experience on your machine. If the high settings are too high, turn them down.

    I understand that’s your first response to someone complaining about buy wow gold wow power leveling aion wow power leveling

    This was one of the only reasons I wanted to pick up Inscription wow gold

    kinda agree, if shoulder enchants are all inscription is getting in the way of significant perks, then I think I’ll get my stat boosters from Alchemy, JC wow power leveling

    Tailoring, LW, or Enchanting, wich offer just as big a boost, but have much better money makers and other significant perks like Drums or Disenchantment besides aion gold

    think they might worry that an extra glyph would make inscription a must have for min maxers. Especially if its a major glyph. A minor glyph wow power leveling dmpengzdp1201

    would be workable, but a major glyph seems a bit too good compared to what other profs get, to me at least aion power leveling

    they dont add the extra glyph, People will just go (for example) Leatherworking cuz their bracer lining is just as good as the shoulder enchants, They get cheaper wow power leveling

    framerate, but these view distance framerate problems on Macs were *INTRODUCED* in build 8962. In short, I’m saying this is a cop out and I’m not happy with that as an answer to this problem.

    I had max view distance on the prior patch, no out of the ordinary framerate problems. Patched to 8962 and immediately, framerate dropped tremendously.

    Brackenhoof started an excellent thread I’ve linked at the bottom of this, which mods appear to be ignoring.

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