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    evard’s black tentecles.

    escape artist can be used against any grapple. and you get to do it twice standard action and move action. small monsters get high dex big monsters get strength and size modifer, it could apply the same to a small creature

    house rule if your small you get a +4 bonus to your escape artist in the same ratio of size to escape artist as grapple gets.

    monsters got smarter: a bowman with a readied action or one with wand of magic missles waits till the character begins to cast it.

    Dispel magic is still dispel magic.

    Freedom of movement auto succeed at all grapple checks. (a fun one would be mass freedom of movement as a new spell, or perhaps an area wide ward or mythal-like effect, I believe a hallow or unhallowed works like this)

    house rule: body covered with oil, adds +2 circustance bonus to avoid grapple and escape artist.

    Whatever happened to oil of sliperiness.

    House rule the spell that the spell does allow for spell resistance.

    Have him keep track of his pieces of tentacle from a giant octopus or a giant squid and have the spell consume them, if your not near a body of salt water, good luck in finding a good specimen.

    “1d6+4 points of bludgeoning damage”

    though it wont’ stop the grapple, damage reduction 10/anything but bludgening will make the creature immune to the damage.

    Dragons, Magical beasts, monstrous huminoids, and outsiders of equal CR should be able to do well against it.

    Incoporeal and swarm subtypes are just plain immune to grapples

    phase spiders, blink dogs, and other teleporting/plane shifting monsters can avoid the whole problem

    Size matters: take the adventrue your going to run and super size it. The Gigantean template from advanced bestiary or the titanic template from MMII,

    Have some one escape the pc’s, they pass the word about the problem, they call in a big gun to assassinate or recruite the sorcerer.

    List the monsters you can use

    In letter A alone I found the following base creatrues.


    Aboleth Mage, 10th-Level Wizard





    Animated Object, Huge

    Animated Object, Gargantuan

    Animated Object, Colossal

    Hound Archon Hero, 11th-Level Paladin

    Elder Arrowhawk


    Personally I would look at each individual encounter before hand if a encounter has a creaatrue involved with an intelligence of 10 or higher I would create a way for him to deal with it should it happen. You should still allow for encounters where the spell is effectinve, I mean he took it but if you discourage it’s use long enough he may choose to replace it when he gains a level.

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    Quillion raises some good points however you cant have a readied action if your flatfooted,most monsters have no ranks in escape artist so would work of base dex and the character has the eschew materials feat so he doesn’t need to carry tentacles.(Gets worse doesn’t it)I will also point out that the player concerned has played only mages since he started playing in 1980.

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    • Flumph

    if the player is a sorcerer and is using the eschew materials feat he is casting as a full round action

    and suprise round is still suprise round no mater initiative, if you don’t see the hiding monster, you don’t see the hidding monster.

    I will also point out that the player concerned has played only mages since he started playing in 1980.

    Oh they blood well kill him and make him play something different, and kill him with EBT

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    Unfortunatly Eschew Materials is a general feat not a Meta Magic feat so the full round action doesn’t apply and he’s our clubs only other DM so retaliation would be swift.However I have made a careful reading of the CR rules and will be reducing XP awards for creatures killed in this manner to minimum(no threat=no challenge) thereby penalising the entire party and letting them take it out on him.

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    well I will be a monkey it is

    though you could rule it costs more than 1gp :0

    The xp rule is a good idea, though I hope at least some of my ideas helped.

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