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    Hello friends,

    I am new here. I will start a new topic in this . share with me

    what is your favorite game.

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    Well if your talking collectible I like the classic Magic the gathering. Not collectible I love Munchkin, especially cthulhu Munchkin.

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    I love to play racing games, my favorite game in this genre is Crazy Taxi on facebook I love to play that in my free time 😀


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    • Gelatinous Cube

    i like playing WITH YOUR MIND!

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    ross wrote:
    i like playing WITH YOUR MIND!

    I like playing with my own mind and I don’t plan on sharing 😀

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    Why not play with minds and cards at the same time? 😈

    I’m quite a big fan of Zombinion, which is a Left4Dead retheming of the Dominion card game. If you don’t mind making your own cards and you like strategy and zombies, then it’s ace.

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    My wife and I are big fans of Race for the Galaxy. It still made it into our luggage on our recent carry-on-luggage-only trip to Europe, even when we were making calculations like “which are the lightest-weight pairs of underwear”. It was nice to have something really fun to do while waiting for planes/trains/buses.

    Munchkin is fun, the cards are hilarious, but the end game always seems to boil down to “on which level 9 player’s turn will the ‘screw you’ cards run out?”, so it doesn’t get a whole lot of play time around here any more.

    I will have to look into Zombinion, since I hear nothing but good things about Dominion.

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    • Bullywug

    Our group is VERY fond of Monsters and Other Childish Things. Very fun.

    Little fears (especially the short camfire stories) has been a delight as well.

    It is almost strange to see full grown adults to revert to a state of young teenagers (or even younger!) who are confronted with the supernatural.

    Those two strike me as the most…creative, especially MaoCT!

    What I did for my group is force them to draw their monsters before we started our session. Hilarity ensued as none of them could really draw so they really looked like children’s drawings.

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