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    The whole recording’s got a very nice, internal dungeon echo kind of acoustic sound to it. Not a problem, in fact, sometimes it seems quite nice.

    However, it also suddenly made Steve and the other quiet fellow, much louder, as if they were sitting closer to the microphone or something. Previously I’d thought that they were just very quiet so it was nice to hear more of them :).

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    • Succubus

    Quiet fellow…. Quiet fellow….

    Oh, you must mean Fin!


    That’s Richard, I believe, The Lovely Lindsay’s boss from Starbucks…

    He’s a brave, brave man he is… 😉

    And I dunno what happened with 30… I think it was played somewhere else, and the accustics just changed things…

    But really, I’ve no idea, so I’ll let Hal or someone who knows what the hell the answer is talk now…

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    • Drider

    That was the episode that they had a field trip to an actual dungeon. 😀

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