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    Our past is your future! Whartstock 2011 recordings, coming soon…

    A terrific, tiring, hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable weekend of friends and games has concluded, with the last guests from Whartstock 2011 departing Perfunctory Manor to return to their various corners of this fair land. It’s remarkable just how far people will travel for something like this, a real privilege to have friends who are prepared to make sacrifices of time and money in order to throw dice and camp out on our back lawn 😀

    This year the hosting duties were shared by The Lovel Emma and myself here at Perfunctory Manor, and Chris and Helen who very kindly ferried us all across to their house yesterday for the big Hero System game. Whartstock 2011 started with sadness as a death in the family meant that Martin and Zoe were unable to host the games this time, but with a little good will on the part of the attendees we managed to squeeze everyone into our house during the day, spilling over to a small tent village (provided generously by camping maestro Riddles) at night for those people who couldn’t find floor space for their sleeping bag. The gentlemen did the honourable, adventurous thing and slept in the tents, leaving the spare room for Isis. The Weasels, thank goodness, travel with their very own accommodation, which they parked on the drive.

    Now that everyone has gone I’m retrieving audio files from various recorders and mobile ‘phones and will be putting the recordings together and uploading them for Hal soon. Expect them to appear in the patrons’ area first, then here on the main site in coming weeks. It looks as though all but a few minutes, lost when one of the recorders maxed out its memory card, have been saved, so you can look forward to games of The Mountain Witch, Hero System and Monsters! Monsters!

    Thanks to everyone who came and gamed. It’s interesting to consider how many of the Whartstock attendees came together through, actually. To anyone who enjoys the recordings I strongly urge you to call a few friends and put together a “stock” of your own. It’s a wonderful, friendly gathering, a weekend of enjoying the real heart of our hobby.

    A few photos to start things off, to be joined soon, I hope, by rather better snaps from the other Whartstock gamers:

    Some boardgames, cards and dice ready for a gentle Friday start to Whartstock:


    Nick makes himself rather too obvious a target…


    Beer, dice and two sorts of cake at the big Hero System game:


    Most played game of the weekend: Nick, Weasel, Isis and Sara fail yet again to save the world in Pandemic:


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    BigJackBrass wrote:
    The gentlemen did the honourable, adventurous thing and slept in the tents, leaving the spare room for Isis

    I think they just all wanted to have a big old camp singalong round the fire, roasting nuts and marshmallows, inspired by Riddles’ tales of Beaver fun. 😉


    I may have been exposed to slightly too much punning and innuendo this weekend; I’m sure it’ll wear off.

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    Isis wrote:
    I may have been exposed to slightly too much punning and innuendo this weekend; I’m sure it’ll wear off.

    It should do. He’s gone back to Devon… 😉

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    Surely I’m not the only guilty party, looking at no one in particular, Jon? You can be a very hard man, sometimes.

    However, thanks massively to both you and Emma for putting up with us, and Helen and Chris too. Also enormous thanks to Riddles & Dr J for some excellent GMing of Hero system. I finally fulfilled my two RPing dreams of playing a half-snake seductress and a laywer (only to find Weasel had the same idea 🙂 )

    Also, Jon, I’m going to be practicing Lost Worlds for when next we meet. Prepare to win again, only slightly less decisively! Ha ha!

    I had a really great time, and was honoured to be invited (even if I never am again 🙂 ) but it just shows you – if you hold it, people will come 😉

    I think there’s a lesson in there for all of us – well, two lessons. Firstly – I just can’t stop myself when it comes to innuendo. And secondly – invite people round to game! It works, and it’s enormous fun. Thanks again 🙂

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    Well, Whartstock sounds like it was a lot of fun for everybody. I can hardly wait to hear the gaming goodness had by all.

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    Nick has modestly avoided mention of his victory at Zombie Dice. Mind you, it was a very modest victory 😉

    Photos, people! Where are the photos?! 😆

    EDIT: And you’ve lurked here for FOUR YEARS without posting before, Nick? Clearly Sara has much to learn from you in the ways of the Ninja!

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    I subscribe to the theory that it’s better to remain silent and have people suspect you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it. Mind you, after four years the suspicion becomes rather that you’re dead.

    Oh, and yes, I forgot to say…


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    We played a number of games over the course of the weekend, so perhaps I should post a few links for people to explore and discover more about them:

    Monsters! Monsters! by Flying Buffalo Inc.

    The Mountain Witch by Timfire Publishing

    Hero System by Hero Games

    Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games (which would have been fun if the winner hadn’t been such a gloater…)

    Pandemic by Z-Man Games

    Lost Worlds by Flying Buffalo Inc.

    There may have been others… Sadly, nobody chose to play the Bullwinkle and Rocky game or the very Lovecraftian Dark Cults 🙁

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    I’m very much looking forward to hearing how it all went down. 🙂

    Also, if Doc One ends up hosting a Lesbian Ninja workshop at Whartstock 2012, please please please make sure you post pictures of it. 😯

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    Smithmeg very generously bought, painted and shipped – all the way from Australia! – an army of Winged Monkeys for the Whartstock attendees, complete with added delicious Ginger Bears.

    The Lovely Emma, Sara (largely out of shot), Weasel, Nick, Amelia, Mark, Ross and Helen proudly hoist their monkeys!


    And here’s a sample figure (the one I kept, with scimitar and burgundy Fez) zoomed-in so you can actually see it:


    Thanks from everyone for our wonderful little mascots 🙂

    Sara placated the Wives and Sweethearts* with her beautiful handmade jewellery, while Mark once again pushed the boat out with a magnificent selection of beers from Staffordshire’s Freedom Brewery. Visit their website for more info, although it doesn’t come close to actually tasting the lovely stuff 🙂

    * “A toast! To wives and sweethearts: may they never meet!”

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    ’twas a fantiastic w/e! 😀

    Mine and DrJ’s cunning plan of getting the players drunk before running Hero seemed to work rather well, and no one noticed I didn’t actually know the rule sytem… 😳

    Most of my photos unfortunately seem to be rather blurred, but I’ll try and post the 1 or 2 that aren’t.

    OK, let’s try (it may not allow anyone to see it. Let me know what happens…

    And finally, I’m having an idea of a campfire game next year round my portable firepit… Hmmm… 😀

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    Nope, link doesn’t like us, Riddles.

    Flying monkeys (and ginger bears) were fantastic! Thanks, smithmeg. 😀

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    I’m glad you liked the monkeys :).

    It was fun to be a little involved, even from a long way away.

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    Another big thank you from me to all our lovely hosts and fellow gamers for making Whartstock a great occasion.

    A particular thank you for everyone who so kindly kept us fuelled with delicious food and provided gifts either for us (fantastic flying monkeys and ginger bears FROM AUSTRALIA!) or placatory gifts for our suffering other halves back at home.

    A photo for you.

    Riddles really is the master of Grand Finale scenery, as demonstrated here.


    These were from Worldworksgames and worked really well.

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    It seems that Whartstock has already generated its own FILK. 🙂

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