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    • Orc

    I’ve managed to come to surface again. I hear you have livestreams now or something?

    I’ve been listening to Temple of Time at the gym, and laughing (people look at me strangely, being a somewhat overweight man laughing while working out)…

    It’s been awhile, but I just managed to get out of some personal situations and thought I’d say hello again 🙂

    I have a lovely fiancee that I’m to marry in June, and I’m getting back into RPGs, and MtG (I never left you, board games!), and so I figured time was right to say re-hi!

    Hope you all are doing great too!

    For those of you who never interacted:

    1) I’m Canadian (Ottawa! Go Nation’s Capitol!)

    2) Steelers’ fan (sad they didn’t make it this year)

    3) Nationals’ fan (Don’t even talk to me about that game…you know the one)

    4) TONS of board games (I have a rule where I’m not allowed to buy another expansion till I play the last one)

    5) Old-school RPG fan (D&D 2nd ED, D&D original, D&D 4th ED, and soon into Eclipse Phase, and others ofc.)

    6) Video gamer (many types, many games)

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    • Drider

    Re-Hello yourself! :tiphat:

    Always nice when someone gets back into gaming. I think that most of us have times away from the hobby, which probably just serves to fan the embers of enthusiasm when we are able to return.

    And congratulations on your engagement!

    With all of the behind-the-scenes construction work and other changes the site has been a little quieter recently than it used to be, but that simply means that you can more easily make yourself the centre of attention 😀 Welcome home.

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    • Owlbear

    Hello again and thanks for the re-introduction!

    Congratulations on getting engaged! Exciting times!

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    • Orc

    Thanks! I thought the day would never come, but here we are 😀

    Seriously though, we’re trying to get more in shape for the wedding and I keep laughing on the weights machines while listening to Hal and Lindsay and co.

    People look at me weirdly at the gym.

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    • Drider

    Hi Thunder,

    Glad you are enjoying the game, it’s really fun playing in it.

    And congrats to you and your lovely fiancee.

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    • Owlbear

    Re-hello Thunder!

    Congrats on your engagement! I’ll share some advice I recently got which rings very true:

    1. Happy wife, happy life

    followed by

    2. If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy


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    • Orc

    Haha I sent her this today: … weat_to_a/

    And her response was “if you EVER do that to me, we are divorced”.

    Good to know where my boundaries lie 😉

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